Modern White Kitchen Renovation

Whether you are looking to update your kitchen or build a new home, this kitchen will give you inspiration and ideas! From traditional to modern, this kitchen underwent a transformation that has a fresh, new look and more open space. Every remodel is an opportunity to add texture and style to your home. This kitchen displays the popular new color scheme: gray and white, and also demonstrates an excellent way to use lighting to transform the look of your space.

White Kitchen Transformation

This kitchen displays the elegance of white /gray color scheme accented with black / silver. The kitchen underwent a major transformation (see here) from farmhouse style with brown wooden cabinets to the style shown here. Everything was remodeled/replaced from the cabinets to the flooring, lighting, and fixtures.

Modern White Kitchen – Project Timeline

We started this project February 5th and finished March 30th 2018. There was quite a lot of work involved with this project. We removed the existing cabinets that had been on the open wall of the kitchen opposite from the island. Our clients had some of the old cabinets saved and put in their basement downstairs. The kitchen project involved replacing the flooring, cabinets, appliances, lighting, countertops, island, and large glass sliding patio door. We opened up the wall on the stairway leading down to the kitchen. Also, in the main dining room, we installed a wine cabinet area. It ended up being a large renovation and great transformation.

Modern White Kitchen – Scope of Work

  • The Kitchen project involved replacing the cabinets, flooring, island, counters, appliances, and sliding patio door.
  • The Stairway project in the same home required some re-framing to open up the wall and create a railing.
  • The Wine Cabinet project involved adding a new cabinet area in the main dining room of the house.

New Wall & Stairway by Modern White Kitchen

This new wall provides wonderful access for natural light to fill the home. It opens up the main area of the house and makes the home more spacious and open. This wall originally had the old cabinets lining all the way across. They covered the whole wall, but when they were removed, we created the new railway and removed a great portion of the wall.

Wine Cabinet and Shelf in Main Dining Area

These photos display the new wine cabinet shelf in the main dining area. These cabinets, like the ones in the kitchen, were supplied and installed by Mill Cabinet Shop. This cabinet fits perfectly in this space with its custom design. It was built especially for this room. The lighting inside the cabinet gives a warm glow – interior cabinet lighting can really improve the display and create a beautiful appearance. We love watching the transformation that happens in each project. The possibilities for design and style present ample opportunities to meet your needs and building dreams. It’s never too late to transform a project or do a remodel! Isn’t that what remodels are for? They bring make something new again! Let the Integrity Team bring your project to life!

Paint Job for Entire Project

The soft gray color of this dining room and the kitchen adds a light, open feel the the home. Galindez Painting did a wonderful job with the painting aspect of this project. This wall in the dining room along with all the open walls in the kitchen were painted the soft gray color. Choosing a paint color can be quite a task, especially since it will always look different on an entire wall than on the sample piece in the store. Remember that paint will always dry darker than you first think. Also, lean towards going with a color that you might think is too light. Once it covers the whole wall, it will appear darker and be the shade you are wanting.

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Flooring and Island in New Modern White Kitchen

We replaced the entire flooring in the kitchen area. The soft colors blend well and look nice with the dark features of the island and countertops. The new island provides the perfect place for a quick breakfast or a catering table for hospitality. You can never have too much counter space!

How Long Does It Take For a Kitchen Remodel?

It can depend on the project. This project included more than the kitchen since we redesigned the stairway, added an additional cabinet area in the dining room, and replaced the patio door. The total time for this project took 9 weeks. A kitchen renovation can take anywhere from 4-6 weeks, and additional projects can vary the total project time.

New Patio Door in Modern White Kitchen

This patio door was removed and replaced by PWD Window & Door. The new sliding doors have blinds in between the glass layers, which stay dust free. The individual slats don’t require cleaning, and the enclosed blinds make it easy to open/close the sliding doors. The sun can get pretty bright, so it’s good to have the blinds as an option. However, for large glass doors, it really just depends on what you need at the moment – sunlight or shade. These doors provide both – any time!

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Let the Integrity Team Help Your Dream Come True

It’s always our privilege to place our clients first and find ways to serve them! We love making your dreams come true. Some things that we do differently on the job site are the daily habits while building your project. We make sure to clean up the job site daily at the end of the day so we can start fresh every morning! A clean job site can really improve the whole building process. We like how a clean job site improves our mindset to tackle each problem with a positive attitude. Also, we do not listen to loud music on the job site. We believe it shows respect to our customers to keep their home quiet and peaceful during their renovation and remodel experience. We are here to serve you!