New Build – 3 Car Garage in Staunton, VA

This project took place the beginning of 2018. Our clients had a small garage where the new garage is now. They wanted to build a new garage with room for three vehicles. We moved the small original outbuilding to the left and built the new garage beside it. The new garage has a covered walkway from the house to the garage. This project provided a good opportunity to build a new project start to finish. Some neat features of this project include an upper space in the garage (photos below) and the covered walkway from the garage to the patio area under the house upper deck.

New Garage Build – Project Details

Project Timeline: Spring 2018

Project Location: Staunton, VA

Scope of Work: Complete New Garage Build

Interesting Aspects of Project: Inside the garage you can go up to the large attic area. The upper portion of the garage was going to be an additional spare bedroom connecting with a walkway to the house. However, it suited our clients needs to make the upper portion of the garage a nice storage area.

New 3 Car Garage Build – The Story

Our clients wanted to build a new 3 car garage beside their house. The garage would have to be close enough to the house to build a covered walkway to the side entrance of the garage. Originally a small shed had sat where the new garage is now. It wasn’t too difficult to move the shed over to the left away from the house so we could start building the garage where the shed had been. The new garage is complete with 3 automatic garage doors and plenty of space! The interior of the garage has finished walls and a concrete floor.