The Grilled Cheese Mania Restaurant Remodel is Finished! Open for Service!

Restaurant Remodel Project Details

Location: Harrisonburg, VA

Project Timeline: Winter 2017-18

Services Performed:

  • Remodel of existing house to transform into the Grilled Cheese Mania Restaurant.
  • Built a serving table counter in main part of restaurant.
  • Installed new vinyl flooring in kitchen (see the colorful pattern below!)
  • Installed new drywall for all walls.
  • Re-framed/remodeled bathroom.
  • Built a set of stairs and an accessibility ramp outside.

The Story Behind the Grilled Cheese Restaurant Remodel

Kathleen Mania Casey’s creative personality is brought to life in her dream vision of the Grilled Cheese Mania Restaurant! From 2012 she had been in the Harrisonburg area with the grilled cheese food truck with her business partners: friend, Ben and daughter, Emily. Grilled Cheese Mania had been in two different locations in Harrisonburg before the permanent restaurant location. Kathleen grew up in New Jersey and moved to Virginia in 2012. The name of the restaurant comes from her maiden name, Mania – Kathleen Mania-Casey, and after hearing a suggestion for “Grilled Cheese Mania” from a marketing expert, they knew that was the name!

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Fun Facts About the Restaurant Remodel

A lot of the small details about the restaurant have a story behind them. Some of the cabinets and decorations are from Kathleen’s home in New Jersey. The E A T sign on the wall by the menu stands for the first letter of Ben’s daughters, Kathleen’s business partner. The beams under the wall table were saved when the bathroom was reframed. Rather than throwing them away, Kathleen wanted to refurbish them in the main dining/eating area. All of the sandwiches are named after Kathleen’s friends and family.

 “I love the work I do! This restaurant is so much more than a typical restaurant – everything from the grilled cheese sandwich names to the decorations represent different areas of my life: friends, family, even my old home in New Jersey. I’m so excited to see the Grilled Cheese Mania vision come to life.” – Kathleen Mania Casey

Before/After Photos

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