Sugar and Bean Cafe Remodel

Details and Story

Sugar and Bean Cafe is a cozy and yummy place to hang out! It was a pleasure working with our client to bring this building to life again.

Situated on main street in Bridgewater, the home was originally built in 1850. Our client wanted to save this bit of history and renew it as part of the local community culture of downtown Bridgewater. During the remodeling process, we brought it up to current building and commercial codes, repaired water damages, and made the necessary changes to turn it into a cafe. The process included installing new flooring joists and subflooring, adding vapor barrier and spray foam along the foundation walls, adding new plumbing, remodeling the bathrooms, and redoing the electrical. 

It’s neat to see the ways that the character of the building was preserved. Much of the trim was reused, and the old windows were also kept intact. In the dining areas, the original plaster was patched minimally to retain the character. Parts of the brick show through where the plaster had broken away.