Log Cabin Restoration

The original part of this cabin is dated back to the late 1700’s or early 1800’s; the exact date is unknown. The property has been in our client’s family for a few generations, and the cabin and property have a lot of family history that made the restoration process very sentimental.

The overall scope was challenging to say the least, but the end result was well worth the pain. The original logs were stripped, stained, and sealed, as well as the original hardwood flooring. We also installed all new electrical, plumbing, and HVAC throughout the house. There were restrictions on what we could do to the existing log part, so building an addition was the best answer for getting the home updated and providing a comfortable living size.

The additions consisted of a kitchen, master bedroom and bathroom, laundry room, large front porch, rear patio, and a 3-car garage with a man cave and deck on the second story. It turned into an amazing space, and the homeowner’s decision to restore the logs in the original section was the right decision–it turned out beautifully!

This restoration/addition will make this a wonderful home for the family to live in for many years to come, and hopefully many more generations will be keeping the place occupied!