Project Details

Type: Porch Addition and Kitchen Renovation

Location: Mount Crawford, VA

Services Performed: Exterior covered Porch Addition with fans and a Kitchen Renovation re-designed to create a more open working space.

Project Timeline: March – July 2015

Project Overview: We did this project in Mount Crawford. It was a renovation on a historical 1800’s home that had a few other additions put on over the years.

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Photo 1 – Sam Dofflemeyer with Massanutten Marble & Granite provided the granite tops.

Photo 2 – On this before photo, the Porch addition goes to the left. There was a door installed where the old window opening was beside the stove, which leads onto the new 2 story Porch.

Photo 3 – This final photo is taken from the same angle as the before photo. The following photo shows the wall that was removed to open up the Kitchen area. This made a really nice transformation from a crowded Kitchen space to a large, welcoming open area in the Kitchen & Entry Room area. The hand scraped pre-finished hardwood flooring was purchased at Weavers Flooring.

Photo 4 – The cabinets were custom built & installed by Mill Cabinet Shop.

Photo 5 – All of the appliances were purchased at Ferguson’s, and everything turned out beautifully!

Photo 6 – This before photo is looking towards the back porch addition.

Photos 7, 8, 9, & 10 – Completed Porch

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Building/Designing the Porch Addition and Kitchen Renovation

The home owner designed the porch space & the kitchen space, with Mill Cabinet Shop helping on the final tuning of the kitchen design. The home owner along with his family & friends did the majority of the demolition work, including removing the main chimney going up the middle of the wall that was removed to open up the kitchen area. They removed tons of chimney brick and debris, which meant they got to do most of the dirty work. We sure didn’t mind that!

With this project we had a graduation party deadline to meet, and we were able to meet that by about a week or so! We ran into some structural issues that had to be addressed as we started with the final demolition/framing work on the kitchen/porch areas. Those repairs ended up extending out the completion date of the project.

Working with Great Clients

Our clients were very gracious & patient on this project – they were without a working kitchen for about 2 months. Remodel projects take sacrifice all around, homeowner & contractor, but in the end on a project like this it really is worth going through that pain!

Note from Manny

I love the challenges that are involved with doing Remodels & Additions!  Every remodel tends to be a little different, which keeps you on your toes. It’s fun to see the variety of projects and things that there are that you can do!