Late 1800s Farmhouse Restoration

Custom work, saved and refurbished materials, stories in every room, and beautiful uniqueness mark this late 1800s farmhouse restoration. The project incorporated an enormous amount of custom work and yielded a beautiful home that reflects the history and stories of over a century.

The speckled quartz countertop was one of the first things our clients chose for the home; they designed the rest of the kitchen around it. The blue speckles are complimented by the navy blue island. Combining white cabinets and subway tile backsplash, wood accents, and the deep blue color, the kitchen provides beautiful functionality while adding to the farmhouse style of the home.

Our client loved searching for antiques to incorporate into the project. The unique light fixtures throughout the house were all pieces that the homeowner found.

The wood on the accent wall here is the back side of the original exterior siding.

Details and lots of reclaimed pieces are shown here. The stunning wormy pine flooring was original to the house.

The fireplace is the focal point of this room. The brick hearth was original to the house. The rare wormy chestnut wood of the mantel was found in the barn, along with many other unique items used throughout the home.

The siding shown on this wall is the original siding from the exterior of the house. Our project manager for this job, Mahlon Riehl, custom built many things throughout the home, including the stand for the sink.

The spindles of this staircase are near-perfect replicas of the originals, down to the tiniest details. Some of the old spindles were saved and used outside on the porch.

An interesting aspect of this project was the energy efficiency and renewable energy features we were able to incorporate. This is something many of our clients include to varying degrees. From zip system sheathing to spray foam insulation to the solar panels that provide power for the house, our clients for this job were focused on integrating modern energy technologies into the old house. We were able to guide them smoothly through the process by making recommendations, being up to date, and knowing how to include these features easily.

From start to finish, this job took just six and a half months. It involved an enormous amount of custom work, clear communication, problem-solving alongside our clients, and minute attention to the tiniest details. A project of this scope requires extraordinary skill and character. Our project manager for the job, Mahlon Riehl, along with the rest of the Integrity field crew delivered just that.

The video below shares more of this client’s story in her own words.