1800s Farmhouse Restoration

Happy fall! We recently completed a large remodel of a late 1800s farmhouse. Custom work, saved and refurbished materials, stories in every room, and beautiful uniqueness mark this home. Since there are so many pictures and details to share with you, we are going to do a two-part series. We hope you enjoy part one!

The speckled quartz countertop was one of the first things our clients chose for the home; they designed the rest of the kitchen around it. The blue speckles are complimented by the navy blue island.

Combining white cabinets and subway tile backsplash, wood accents, and the deep blue color, the kitchen provides beautiful functionality while adding to the farmhouse style of the home.

The fireplace is the focal point of this room. The brick hearth was original to the house. The rare wormy chestnut wood of the mantel was found in the barn.

Our client loved searching for antiques to incorporate into the project. The unique light fixtures throughout the house were all pieces that the homeowner found.

The siding shown on this wall is the original siding from the exterior of the house.

Thanks for reading! We’re excited to share part 2 in a couple weeks!

Team Member Question of the Month:

What product do you see other people using all the time, but has no use in your life? Why doesn’t it?

Gerald: Jerusalem cruisers and flip flops. They just feel flimsy and like a hazard that will trip me.

Mahlon: Hot tea. It’s the ying without the yang…it doesn’t hit the “spot” like a good cup of dark roasted coffee.

André: Ragged jeans and Snapchat. I have enough pairs of pants that are torn and threadbare. I can’t imagine paying money for jeans that already have holes. And Snapchat just always seemed pointless to me.

Justin: Negativity.

Mary: Twitter. It just feels like word clutter to me–like alphabet splatter paint.

Jared: Hair dye (because why?) and Twitter (not sure why, just seems complicated and has no application to my daily life).

Manny: Vehicle maintenance tools. I don’t have the auto mechanics talent at all. I don’t even trust myself changing the oil in my car.

Morgan: Spotify. When I want to listen to music, I usually go play some on the piano. I’ve never understood the need for a playlist.

Kaitlyn: Coffee makers, coffee grinders, coffee mugs, coffee filters–pretty much coffee anything. I don’t like the taste of coffee that much, and I refuse to “acquire” the taste or become dependent on it for the caffeine. Give me a cup of hot herbal tea, and I’m much happier.